Wall Sticker Skyline Salt Lake CityWall Sticker Skyline Salt Lake CityWall Sticker Skyline Salt Lake CityWall Sticker Skyline Salt Lake City

Wall Sticker Skyline Salt Lake City

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Customer Comments

"The quality is great, the service is super fast, and you get real people to answer the telephone, not just some computer!"

Julia W.

"My colleague recommended me your service and he didn't overstate anything. I have already spread the word within my circle of acquaintances."

Alexander M.

"I visited several vendors on the web, but none of them were as competent as you, with such a comprehensive offering which can be arranged individually according to individual wishes. The ordering process is simple, the settings are extensive, and I had from the beginning the impression that I was in good hands. I thank you very much for your professional service, I appreciate that."

Josef D.

"Unfortunately, I don't have any free walls left any more!! "

Denise Z.

Wall tattoos - the new design trend

Our wall tattoos are cut in a special way so that they have neither a transparent edge nor a transparent background. The soft PVC film clings to your wall surface like a second skin. Due to the silky matte film coating, your motif will look like it's painted on.

Wall tattoos adhere to almost any smooth surface, such as tiles, doors, glass surfaces, and furniture. They can even be affixed to woodchip wallpaper and in the bathroom. In order for the wall tattoo to stick properly, the application surface should be free from dust and grease, smooth/flat, and free from silicone and oil-based paints. If the surface has been freshly painted, you should wait until the paint is fully cured.

For large-area wall tattoos, you can simply pull off the film on the back and attach the tattoo to the wall in small increments, working out any air bubbles from the center outward. For filigree designs, the tattoo is provided with an additional transfer foil. For installation: Using the applicator for help, press the motif onto the transfer film. Remove the film backing. Using the applicator once more, transfer the tattoo with the transfer film onto the wall.

More than 100'000 products for decorating

High-quality raw materials

Only materials that meet the highest quality requirements are used in our production. No compromises.

100% ecological

We use only the most modern printers and solvent-free inks.


Our printed products won't fade and are sure to impress with their extremely high durability that lasts decades.

30,000 satisfied customers

Ambiale AG has been operating online shops since 2007 and has served more than 30,000 satisfied customers.

Completely removable

Our wallpapers and foils are easily removable. You won’t have to worry about any consequences.

Production in only 24 hours

After a quick data check, orders are immediately put into production and are shipped 24 hours later.

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